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 Hello & Welcome!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


I hope you are all doing great. 🫶

I wanted to reach out and have a little talk about something that makes us all a bit uncomfortable...


Last week, we got some confusing news about what happens within our justice system and I felt helpless; sad... But I put all that sadness into my work, as that's my way of dealing with things like these... I breathe through it till a positive idea comes about, then act with massive intention.


So, today after I dropped my babies at school, I begged god/universe to make sure they are safe, like I do every morning now...I had that moment... that idea; that positive thought came through...


Yes, I've taken on the PTA at each school and continue to act with my Sandy Hook Promise and I donate every year but I still feel it isn't enough... Do you have that feeling, too?


I believe that greatness is in unity.


I want us all to help donate to the Sandy Hook & Parkland Promise.

I know things might be tight even when you want to help so I will do it for both of us. Does that sound good?


Starting today, I will donate 40% of each Senior Photo Session fee to these causes (20% to each).

I will add your name to it and send you the receipt.

JSPS_OnwardSeniorMarketingBoard-5x5 copyDelray Beach Senior Photographer



Little by little we can do something meaningful. Something, I hope it helps avoid the next heartbreak.


No parent should ever go through this fear or pain.

No child should not come home...


If you have a Junior or Senior at home, send me a message today.

If you know someone who does, send them this post right now.


We are the parents of the future, we need to do something more than just hope or pray.


Our children deserve better.


Since our government won't do what's needed, we can help those that can push the laws in favor of a safe world for our children to live in.


Please share. Together, we can make a difference.

I believe it to my core.





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If you'd like to donate directly to the Parkland Promise, please click here

If you'd like to donate directly to the Sandy Hook Promise, please click here


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