Calling All Expecting Moms! Get a $200 Discount on Stunning Maternity Photos!

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Hello & Welcome!

I am so excited you are here. 

Today I want to let you know about this BIG SUMMER SALE we are having! 

We do these sales up to 2 times a year! When?

January for winter babies

May for summer babies. 


Let's talk a little bit more about Maternity Photography, shall we?


As you know, expecting a baby is one of the most beautiful and transformative experiences in our lives.

As your baby bump grows, you may want to capture these precious moments to cherish forever.

Maternity photography is both an art and a celebration of life. That's why I love being a Maternity Photographer!

If you're in Delray Beach and want to create unforgettable maternity photos, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

 Because of our exclusive $200 discount offer for Maternity & Newborn Photos in Delray Beach for Summer Babies!


Delray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is a magical time filled with excitement, anticipation, and an overwhelming sense of love.

As your body changes and your baby bump grows, capturing this unique period of your life through maternity photography can be a beautiful way to celebrate and remember this magical journey.

Whether you're a first-time mom or adding another new member to your family, now is the perfect time to invest in a professional Maternity and Newborn Photo Sessions with us in Delray Beach.

Our $200 discount makes the experience even more special, allowing you to create stunning memories without breaking the bank.

Delray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity Photographer

I am a strong believer that life should be celebrated at every stage...

What are the stages you are going through now?

Pregnancy is a fleeting period in a woman's life, and having professional photos taken will allow you to look back on this special time with fondness and gratitude. These images end up being a special gift to our babies as they grow up and one day might have children of their own. This is part of your legacy as a parent!

It could be bonding with your partner: A maternity photo shoot can be an intimate and enjoyable experience for you and your partner, helping to strengthen your bond before the arrival of your little one.

Delray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity Photographer
Celebrating your body! Pregnancy is an incredible feat, and a maternity photo shoot is a wonderful way to embrace and honor the changes that your body is going through. If this is your first it might feel odd but I assure you, it's such a beautiful transformation... Think of it as a butterfly cocoons... then the most beautiful gift comes out... wings! You are growing wings to your heart. 

Delray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity PhotographerDELRAY BEACH PHOTOGRAPHER

I want to walk you through what to expect before, during and after a photo session with us. 

First, a phone consultation: During your initial consultation, we will discuss your vision for the photo shoot and help you select the perfect location, outfits, and props.
Second, the session: A professional maternity photo shoot typically lasts between one to two hours, depending on the number of outfit changes and locations.
Editing and viewing: Following the shoot, I will edit your images and set a date to meet in person to view your beautiful images. I love being with you when you view your images for the first time so if you have any questions, I'm there for you. 

Delray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity PhotographerDELRAY BEACH FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER

When to book?

Choose a time during your pregnancy when you feel comfortable and confident — typically between 32 and 37 weeks is ideal.
I want your belly to show fully and still not have you too tired. 

ALL Maternity Gowns Included

Delray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity PhotographerFree to Use Maternity Gowns

We have a client's closet available to you at no additional cost!

From flowing dresses, body-hugging gowns, and lace robes that highlight your growing bump and make you feel like a goddess.
I always recommend you bring in additional cozy, casual outfits, such as an oversized sweater paired with leggings, can create a relaxed, at-home vibe.
Always bring props like ultrasound photos, baby shoes, or a sentimental items that can add a personal touch to your images.

Additional Support Group?

I want you to feel the happiest and so I don't charge for additional support group members. Feel free to include siblings or pets to showcase your growing family.
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As you may see in my portfolio I have a few spots I love the most aside from my studio space.

It includes a picturesque beachfront park offers a serene setting or the lush, tranquil gardens to provide a unique backdrop for your photo shoot.
If you are looking for a more urban vibe, I know just the place with colorful murals and lively atmosphere!


Delray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity PhotographerDelray Beach Maternity Photographer

So as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world, capturing the beauty of your baby bump through a maternity photo shoot is a wonderful way to document and celebrate this special time in your life.

With our $200 discount for Maternity and Newborn Photos in Delray Beach, there has never been a better time to book a professional photographer and create stunning images that you can cherish for years to come.

So don't wait — take advantage of this amazing offer and let us help you tell the story of your pregnancy journey.


I can barely wait to meet you & your growing family!


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