Calling all Breastfeeding Moms for a Complimentary Photo Session!

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Hello & Welcome Friends! 

I am so grateful you are here. 

You may have heard already, I'm looking for a Breastfeeding Mom for a special project!

Will that be you?

Being a mom is a beautiful journey filled with unforgettable moments, and breastfeeding is one of those truly special experiences.

As Delray Beach new moms, you have embraced this journey with love, as challenging as it may be at times, and the bond you're creating with your baby is worth documenting.

We have an exciting announcement designed entirely for you!

We're offering a complimentary photo session, aiming to highlight the beauty and intimacy of breastfeeding, capturing those tender moments which speak volumes of your love and commitment. 

breastfeeding casting callJSPS breastfeeding casting call

Breastfeeding is nature's way of nurturing and nourishing an infant.

It is an intimate and special bond that forms between a mother and her baby.

But beyond this emotional bond, breastfeeding also holds numerous health benefits for both the baby and the mother.

For the baby, breastfeeding provides the ideal mix of nutrients, strengthens the baby's immune system, and reduces the risk of chronic conditions.

On the other hand, for mothers, breastfeeding aids in quicker postpartum recovery, lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and aids in weight loss.

Furthermore, it also has psychological benefits, including an enhanced sense of bonding and lower rates of postpartum depression.


JSPS Delray Beach is a renowned photography studio located in Delray Beach.

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for capturing those elusive, intimate moments that tell a story.

Specializing in Maternity and Newborn photography, we've been privileged to document countless beautiful moments of motherhood. 

I believe in the beauty of motherhood and strive to capture its essence in our pictures. 
I am passionate about my work and sensitive to the unique dynamics of photographing new moms and their babies.
I offer a comfortable, respectful atmosphere during the shoot, ensuring that new moms always feel relaxed and cared for.

Photography allows us to capture and record precious moments in our lives.

For new moms, this period of breastfeeding is a special time that is fleeting and deserves to be remembered.
My photographs will elicit a strong emotional connection for you.

Every time you look at these pictures, they will transport you back to these beautiful moments of bonding, filling you with a sense of joy and accomplishment.

These photographs also make a unique gift that your child can look back on in the future, providing a profound insight into the love that existed from the very beginning.


To me, as a Mother of 4, motherhood is an incredible journey, marked by beautiful milestones.

Breastfeeding is one of those milestones and deserves to be cherished.

At JSPS Delray Beach, we are excited to provide an opportunity for breastfeeding moms in Delray Beach to capture these intimate, loving moments.


Join us for a complimentary photo session and allow us to immortalize this beautiful phase of your journey.


So, Delray Beach new moms, feast your eyes on this incredible opportunity to capture your journey, your love, and your essence!



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