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I'm so happy you've stopped by. I want to talk to you about Milestone Photography & The different options we offer.

Yes, Maternity Photo Sessions and Newborn Photo Sessions are important but how about the in between sessions? As a mom of 4, I can tell you it's viral you capture those growth spurts.

They grow up so fast! In the blink of an eye they grow from needing you all the time to being tiny independent humans.

What's more important? Capturing YOUR growth as mom & dad! You might think it's not as important but it really is!

And so, We offer our Watch me GROW!

Baby plans are ideal for parents who know from the very beginning that they want the first year of their baby’s life documented with professional photography.

In most cases, the Watch me GROW! Baby plans package is chosen, contract signed and purchase complete before the new little one even enters the world — crossing one (big) thing off the very busy parents’ to-do lists!

When you purchase a Watch me GROW! Baby plans you are purchasing a specific number of sessions and products/services. As such, these plans are usually scheduled based on the different stages of your baby’s development in the first year.

The most common  ‘stages’ are: maternity/expectation, newborn, sitting/crawling and 1-year/walking.

However, some parents prefer to schedule their  sessions based on the baby’s age, rather than their developmental stage (i.e., at newborn, 3-month, 6-months, 9-months and a 1-year ) . . .

and sometimes, we use a different formula entirely! It doesn’t matter when your baby’s sessions occur during the first year, but all Watch me GROW! Baby plans sessions must be completed by baby’s first birthday!


What do you get with these sessions? 

You get up to 6 photo sessions one hour each, expect for Maternity & Newborn which tend to be longer. 

You'll also get ALL the digital copies of every session and that way you don't have to "choose" your favorites. 

You'll also get a 15% OFF any additional package/product you select to purchase. 


The most common tends to be Milestone Albums. I love those!

(I have a whole library of my kiddos milestones. Yup, I'm that kind of mom too! lol No shame at all!)


Are you ready to book your own Milestones? Contact Us Here

You can book separately or all together. Completely up to you.

Either way, there's no wrong doing in recording every little victory your baby has. It is a big deal!