Wanna Join Our Photography Referral Program? Here’s How.

JSPS Referral Program

We are so lucky at JS PORTRAIT STUDIO DELRAY BEACH to have such incredible clients who are not only, like, the nicest people in the world, but people who are so loyal to us. In fact, over the years we’ve noticed that a number of you naturally spread the word about JS PORTRAIT STUDIO DELRAY BEACH after your sessions, sometimes even on accident simply by sharing images. 


After thinking about a way we could reward you for something you’re already doing, we came up with the brilliant idea to start a referral program. It’s completely optional, and you don’t even have to sign up because we’ll gladly keep track for you. 

JSPS Referral Program

Here’s how it works: 


  1. When you have a friend, acquaintance, or family member book and complete a session with us, make sure they let us know that they heard about us through YOU. This can be as simple as, “By the way, my friend Emma sent me your way after she had an awesome experience.” 
  2. You can go gangbuster and get aggressive with your referrals, too. Feel free to spread the word on your social media accounts, at work, in the coffee line… 
  3. We’ll email you every time a referral books and completes their session.
  4. Once you have referred 6 of clients our way, you’ll get a 8x10 Bamboo Panel of your favorite image. With 12 referrals, you’ll then get a WHOLE YEAR OF FREE PHOTO SESSIONS
  5. Once you’ve referred 1 client, you’ll also automatically become a VIP customer. That means you get first dibs on mini sessions, first choice on regular sessions, a 20% off on prints and products, and 10% off all future sessions.


Any questions? Hit us up via email or text and we’ll answer you promptly. Also, thank you again for your love and loyalty. We honestly rely so much on referral business because nothing speaks louder than genuine, enthusiastic word-of-mouth praise. 

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