Session Details


Let's Have Fun!

Please feel at ease at your session. If pressured to “smile”, natural expressions may be lost. Many of the great images we capture are the “in-between” shots, when the subject relaxes & smiles. 

Photo sessions are work for both subject and photographer but we’ve got tricks that make it fun & easy so don’t worry and don’t try too hard! Relax, it’s your day! 


What To Wear?

Good choices in clothing is one of the key elements of a great photo session! For group sessions, clothing should be coordinated & mixed. Clothing should be simple and timeless. Favorites are jeans, khaki colored pants, white, black or neutral colored shirts, sundresses, gowns, hats and bare feet. (Large, busy 
prints, checkered patterns & geometric designs don’t photograph well)

I’ll be checking in with you to chat about clothing choices. It’s a great idea to plan the outfits 2 weeks before the session. Lay them out on a bed, step back and take a look. Once you’re happy with your choices, make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free, then set them aside for your session. Don’t forget about shoes and the most overlooked item... the socks! Yes, the socks are important...(the color). This will lower your stress level on session day! My clients are encouraged to include their own props. Examples are: A musical instrument, sports equipment, a book and reading glasses or a family pet.


Where is your studio?
I have a small studio in the back of my Delray Beach home but it's usually used for commercial and headshot sessions. 

I also love outdoor shoots out at the park, beach, or your own home. These are some of my absolute favorite sessions and I would love to work with you outdoors! (Please note: permitting fees might be needed depending on the location).

Please note, I do own two large dogs. They will be locked up during photo sessions but those with allergies might want to avoid home studio pictures (please advise me of allergies in any situation though!) - and when working outdoors at the park there is always the possibility of mosquitoes, ants, or other stinging insects.  Please inform me of any allergies your child or yourself might have before our session!


What is a Play Date Photo Shoot?
It's a photo session I set up for us to have some fun and capture some great moments! I try to plan my photo sessions as play dates with enough time that we can allow the children breaks in a relaxing environment. 


What do you photograph?
I specialize in pet portraits, but I also offer sessions for high school seniors, children, families, engagement, newborn, and maternity sessions. I do photograph up to 6 events or weddings.


When are you open?
I am available by appointment only.


What time of day is best for pictures?
I highly recommend that all outdoor sessions be done in the late afternoon hours or early morning hours to allow the best light possible and a more comfortable experience.
In studio sessions are best done during daylight hours.


When should I have maternity portraits taken?
Around 32-38 weeks is ideal. That way you have a nice round tummy. Please keep in mind when scheduling that I am often booked weeks out. So try to schedule your maternity session well before your desired date.


What age do you recommend my baby be for newborn portraits?
If you want true newborn portraits like those shown in my gallery, we must do baby’s session before he/she is 2 weeks old, with about 1 week old being the best age. We can sometimes work with a baby up to 3 or 4 weeks old, but in general you may not be able to get those cute little scrunched up, sleepy portraits with a baby after the third week or so.

If you would like to schedule a newborn session, I strongly advise that you book your session while you are still pregnant. We will work on changing the session date if it is needed (if baby comes early or late), but by reserving your spot before baby arrives it ensures that I don’t fill my calendar and can fit baby’s session in as soon as possible!


What other ages do you recommend if we miss the newborn stage?
The next age I recommend is 3 months old. Babies between a few weeks, up to around 2 months old do not yet have the muscle control needed to prop themselves up, or hold their head steady. And for this reason, sessions with babies in that age range can be very limiting. If you wait until baby can at least prop up on his elbows and hold his head high on his own, you can have a much better variety with your session images.

After 4 months I recommend a session when baby is sitting alone. Whether baby reaches that milestone by 6 months or 8 months, I always encourage you to wait until baby is sitting well on his own, instead of booking the traditional 6 month session just for the sake of his age. The milestones are so much more important to document than the number!

The 8-9 month old age is one of my favorites. At that age baby is usually sitting, laughing, crawling, and sometimes even standing with assistance. There are lots of fun things we can do with this age baby, so don’t let it pass by!

And of course, the 1 year session. Bring a cake and balloons, and celebrate baby’s first year!


What if my little one gets sick or gets a bruise before the session?
Basic retouching is included with your session fee, so if your little one has a bump, bruise, or bug bite we can correct it. If your little one is feeling sick or suffering from any type of rash, I do require we reschedule. We want your little one to shine for their session, and no one feels like shining when they’re under the weather. 


Can we bring a change of clothes? What type of clothing do you recommend?
Of course! Sessions generally last 1 – 2 hours, so clothing changes are welcome. But with the teeny tiny ones I do recommend we keep it simple. Newborns and young infants are often lost in clothes. Collars cover their chins up, and things just don’t fit right. For this reason, I like to keep it simple…bare skin!

For toddlers and children I encourage a few different outfits so we can have variety. Simple is always popular. Basic jeans, khakis, and plain dresses with bare feet. But I also love colorful, funky outfits! Don’t be afraid of color and layering things up for a modern look. Don’t forget – I also have a wardrobe of clothing that you can choose from!


When will my pictures be ready?
I strive to have all pictures ready in about 2 weeks...but occasionally I might take longer. Please let me know well ahead of time if you are in a rush to get photos back to you so that I can work my schedule around it. Please be aware that I take my time and hand edit every photo so that you have the best quality picture returned to you.


Can I get prints of my pictures? What is included in my session?
Your session fee is for time and editing of the final gallery. Prints and Digitals are not included. Prints and digital downloads can be purchased from your final gallery.


Is their anything else I should know?

For outside shoots please remember that we are shooting in Florida. There might be mosquitoes, ant piles, or other biting bugs on our shoots. I always try to have repellants available but please bring your own so I can avoid any potential allergies. Also please inform me in advance of any medical conditions or allergies that might be triggered while on one of these shoots!



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